Am primit la redacţie ştirea că romanul Uezen al scriitorului român Ionuţ Caragea (pseudonim Snowdon King) a fost publicat la editura americană Wildside Press. Cartea tradusă în limba engleză de Petru Iamandi poate fi achiziţionată de pe situl Amazon.

„Democles and Z’Davaar, the equivalents of God and the Devil, agree to create the first humans and place them on the planet of Eden. The Edeneans subsequently spread their race throughout the galaxy, but, when their most important sun goes nova, the survivors begin falling ill and dying. In order to prevent their total extinction, they build the Arka and head for the nearest wormhole. But on their way there they have to fight Anuk, who has agreed to obey Z’Davaar’s orders and destroy the other Edeneans, in order to have his lover resurrected. Only Lerman Kruger has the strength to oppose him… A philosophical science fiction adventure that spans the entire galaxy!” (Wildside Press)